To help you during your stay we have prepared some general information for you.  Please feel free to ask questions at any time.

  • Comfortable day clothes
  • Night-dress or pyjamas and dressing gown
  • Slippers/shoes/jandals
  • Toiletry items, such as toothbrush, toothpaste etc
  • No more than $20 should be kept with you 

You may wish to bring items such as a mobile phone, phone card and book. You can also bring your own pillow and pillowcase.

We recommend personal items be named.  Please do not bring valuables into hospital with you unless absolutely necessary (including valuable items of clothing).

The hospital does not accept responsibility for cash, jewellery, watches or other valuables.


You are encouraged (or your caregivers) to bring your medicines with you on admission - especially if it is an acute admission. This is to assist the medical staff in providing the best care and treatment.

The medications will not be used when you are an in-patient except as a temporary measure until supply can be obtained. Your own medications will then be stored in a dedicated area on the ward. (This does not apply if patients are self-medicating with medications supplied from the hospital pharmacy).

If you have any queries, please discuss these with your nurse, doctor or the ward pharmacist.

Glasses, hearing aids and dentures

Bring the cases for your glasses and hearing aid so they can be put away safely when you are not wearing them. If you wear dentures, please bring your cleaning container with you. 

Children staying in hospital

You can find specific information about children staying at the hospital on our Child Health pages - Preparing for a stay in hospital.

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