Celebrating International Nurses Day May 12 - meet Elham

In the final of our series marking International Nurses Day on May 12 at Counties Manukau, we'd like to introduce you to Elham Hajje, who is a specialist diabetes nurse prescriber.

 Elham is highly respected for her specialised care of diabetic patients and has won awards at Counties for her dedication and service.

Originally from Lebanon, Elham transitioned from Medicine to Diabetes at Middlemore and our Community services, playing a vital role in training many student nurses in her specialty.

 With the high rate of diabetes in the South Auckland community, where 53,000 people have the condition, her job is very intense and busy.

 One of her roles is working as part of the Counties Foot clinic, where she and her colleagues help people with the consequences of diabetes - including foot ulcers and amputations, and she works hard to reduce the occurrence rates of these complications.

 Reflecting on her 20-plus years at Counties, Elham says her greatest job satisfaction comes from seeing her patients make progress in achieving control of their diabetes.

“I love the support I receive from my many colleagues, including my clinical managers I work with here, and if possible, I would like to become a Nurse Practitioner.”

We are delighted to have shared the stories of our highly dedicated nurses.


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