Taamaki ki Raro Jackie Beaumont

Jackie Beaumont freely admits she does a very challenging job: looking after a large variety of tamariki and adults who come through the National Burns Unit located at Middlemore Hospital.

She’s a 13-year veteran in her burn prevention role here, working to grow awareness in the community of how to avoid the often-devastating injuries she sees in her unit.

“I don’t think I will ever be out of a job,” says Jackie. “It’s fairly constant, the things we have to deal with here, but I love my work and I think this will always be my career.”

Jackie’s had a 20-year run at this kind of work, including time in Intensive Care - a passion which started in the UK.

In the past month she’s been trying to get out key messages on preventing burns during National Burns Awareness month.

“There are loads of risks out there, and we’ve been trying to send messages on all manner of issues – everything from care around fire pits and barbecues, through to the important messages about first aid when someone gets burned.”

Jackie says this job is sometimes tough, remarking how heart-breaking it is to see someone who was just going about their everyday life when a burn injury occurs.

“I work with patients right from admission, through extensive repair work and surgery, through to rehabilitation. It’s a process that can take up to 10 years of visits and care. It can be quite traumatic for the patient and their whanau, but so rewarding watching their recovery.”

Jackie’s role is vital, and we encourage everyone to heed the key messages our professionals like her try to get out there.

Jackie Beaumont
Clinical Nurse Specialist

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