Taamaki ki raro - Evander Folau

Quietly working behind the Manukau Health Park Facilities Coordinator desk is one of New Zealand’s upcoming stars!

Evander started singing when she was about nine years old and has been performing ever since.

Her natural talents as a singer have seen her travelling overseas to Australia, Fiji and USA to perform on stage with bands and artists such as Adeaze, Aaradhna, Mario, Kuami Eugene and Lloyd to name a few.

“My nine to five keeps the lights on at home but after work and on weekends I’m either gigging, creating or rehearsing so it gets pretty busy,” says Evander, who has worked at Manukau Health Park since 2018.

“One of my biggest musical achievements amongst other work still to date would have to be the opportunity to have been a featured soloist in the Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony back in 2011 at Eden Park.

“That was an unforgettable experience; I even got to meet the legendary late Jonah Lomu during that time.”

Evander was also recently added to the line-up for the SOULED OUT festival due to happen in March here in Auckland, sharing the stage with the likes of American award-winning artists Summer Walker, Bryson Tiller, ‘Party Next Door’ and Lucky Daye to name a few.

 “I’ve been doing music/creative work for a number of years now, however this year it has really taken off. I’m super excited for 2024, it can only get better.

“I’m grateful for my work colleagues, especially my small close-knit team. They encourage me and are always supportive of my dreams and aspirations outside of work,” says Evander.

“I’ve enjoyed being low key about it here at work, not many people actually know I do music, but as I progress in my career and people find me online it’s a bit of a shock to them, but we get to exchange experiences and stories about our lives, hobbies and other passions outside of our jobs. It’s interesting and great lunchtime koorero.”

Evander Folau
Facilities coordinator Manukau Health Park.

You can follow Evander here:

  • Instagram: @evanderofficial
  • Tiktok: @evanderofficial

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