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The Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit (ASRU) is a supra-regional spinal injury rehabilitation service which provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary rehabilitation care for people with spinal cord impairment from the central North Island to the Far North.

ASRU is part of Counties Manukau Health and is located at 30 Bairds Road in South Auckland in close proximity to Middlemore Hospital.

ASRU is one of only two supra-regional spinal cord rehabilitation services in New Zealand, the other service being Burwood Spinal Unit at Burwood Hospital in Christchurch.

Our catchment area's southern border extends from Taumarunui, Turangi and across to Wairoa/Gisborne. 

The inpatient unit consists of 20 beds dedicated to short term spinal cord rehabilitation for patients aged 15 and older who have sustained neurological deficits from a spinal cord injury due to trauma/injury or illness.  For more information, see Inpatient Service.

The outpatient service offers lifelong support for clients living in the ASRU supra-regional catchment area.  Patients are either reviewed at the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit in Auckland or at an Outreach Clinic in their local region. For more information, see Outpatient Service.


In light of the escalating situation with COVID-19 we have decided to limit the use of the gym to just inpatients and those patients having treatment with a therapist for the time being.  As you are likely aware, the health and wellbeing of all of our patients is a priority.  We need to consider how we can limit risk of exposure to our inpatients and those whom work with them daily.  

Outpatient appointments (where you have an appointment to see a doctor, nurse or therapist) will still go ahead at this time but we ask that you come in on time to avoid prolonged periods sitting in our waiting rooms.

Useful links regarding COVID-19 information for Spinal Cord Injury clients

Parafed - Functional Adaptive Movement Classes available during lockdown

New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Registry (NZSCIR) 

The role of the New Zealand Spinal Cord Injury Registry

  • The NZSCIR collects information about people who have had a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) to help improve our understanding of SCI in NZ. This can help improve how we support people with an SCI; how we prevent SCI; and how we can prevent SCI related medical complications.
  • This nationwide registry covers participants with either traumatic or non-traumatic SCI from both supra-regional spinal services in NZ (Auckland and Christchurch).
  • A range of information is collected including age, gender, ethnicity, basic SCI data and where treatment was received. If consent is given, we add details about participants’ treatment, complications, rehabilitation, and medical conditions.
  • We follow consenting participants to see how SCI affects those in the community and what services are needed to ensure ongoing community participation.

Further information

You can join the registry or find more information, reports and our contact details on the NZ Spinal Trust Website

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