Formerly Counties Manukau Health Faletoa (Pacific Mental Health Liaison)

Update: Our community told us we need to make some changes. In response, we are improving the way mental health services works with you. We want to assure you we will talk with all services users and their whaanau about how changes might affect their care. If you have any questions please talk to your mental health clinician.

Pacific people have a holistic view of health where a person is in tune with his/her environment and community.  Health is achieved when there are positive and balanced relationships between these three elements:  Atua (God), Tagata (people) and Laufanua (land/environment). Health is the state in which a person's physical, mental and spiritual needs are in balance and the person is able to meet their obligations to themselves, their family, village and community.

When there is an imbalance there are people here at Faletoa to help you and your family.

We work alongside other mental health services, including Taunaki & Te Puawaitanga (Child and Adolescent Mental Health) and Adult Mental Health.

Who Do We See?

We provide support and advice for Pacific people aged 18 to 65 who reside within the Counties Manukau Health region.

We believe that when there is an imbalance or disconnect in one of the main relationships (Atua, Tagata and Laufanua) this may impact a person's mental health and wellbeing.  You may be hearing voices, you may feel like people are watching or talking about you, you may have difficulty concentrating, amongst other things. If you are experiencing some of these signs of unwellness please go and see your GP as soon as possible.

Where Will You See Us?

Our clinics are located at Matariki, 492 Great South Road, Otahuhu.

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