Formerly Counties Manukau Health Taunaki & Te Puawaitanga (Child and Adolescent Mental Health)

Update: Our community told us we need to make some changes. In response, we are improving the way mental health services work with you. We want to assure you we will talk with all service users and their whaanau about how changes might affect their care. If you have any questions please talk to your mental health clinician.

Taunaki (meaning to cultivate and reinforce) and Te Puawaitanga (meaning "the seed has blossomed") are the two specialist mental health services for children and young people living in the Counties Manukau region. We provide a variety of specialised treatment options aimed at children, young people and their families/whaanau.

Taunaki and Te Puawaitanga (formerly known as Whirinaki) we know that every child and young person we see is part of a family/whaanau and community, with many significant adults in their lives. We work closely with the schools, community, church and extended family to provide the best support possible to young people and their whaanau.

For information on mental health services for people aged 18 and over visit Counties Manukau Health Adult Mental Health

Other services we work closely with include:

Who Do We Help?

We help children, young people and their families/whaanau experiencing significant behavioural concerns, psychological concerns and emotional distress, when these concerns can no longer be managed by the services within their community. We support young people and families with significant concerns that require urgent help, and will assist potential service users to access treatment or support from other providers if needed.

Taunaki and Te Puawaitanga have been formed from the service formerly known as Whirinaki. These two teams work closely together to provide customised support for the diverse communities living in Counties Manukau.

Where Will You See Us?

We see children, young people and their families/whaanau in a variety of locations to best meet their needs. Young people may be chosen for a particular team depending on where they require support.

Our two main clinics are in the following locations:

  • Te Puawaitanga are located at Whirinaki, 7 Springs Road, East Tamaki
  • Taunaki are located at Matariki, 492 Great South Road, Otahuhu

We may also see service users at other clinics, schools, community venues and at home.

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