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Vascular Surgery Service Team
The leader of the Vascular team is a consultant (specialist) vascular surgeon.  When you are referred to a clinic, or admitted to hospital you will be assigned to one specific consultant (Mr Caldwell, Mr TchijovMr Adams, or Mr Mahadevan).  However, consultants often work in teams of two or three, and to some extent your care may be shared between these consultants.

Other medical members of the vascular team include the registrar(s).  These are fully qualified doctors who are now training to become specialists.  The house surgeons are doctors who have usually qualified more recently, in the last 1-2 years.

Other members of the team include:

Interventional Radiologists - (Dr Hawkins, Dr Weeks, Dr Barnard, Dr O'Donoghue, Dr Cookson), who perform or oversee all radiological procedures such as arteriograms, angioplasty, CT and MRI scans.

Vascular Sonographers - Anita Humphries, Carol Duncan and Janet Franks perform vascular ultrasound scanning and are based at the vascular lab at Manukau SuperClinic (MSC). Some vascular imaging is also provided on the Middlemore site by the general ultrasound department.

Vascular Nurse Specialist – Regine Olayra
The Vascular team does approximately 180 major arterial cases per year; a similar amount of endovascular interventions, 160 renal access procedures and 200 varicose vein operations.

Locations of Vascular Surgery Services for patients
Vascular Ward 9 is located on Level 4 of the Adult Medical Centre at Middlemore Hospital. If Ward 9 is full, you may be placed into Ward 8 (located in the Adult Medical Centre) or Ward 34N or 34E (located in the Edmund Hillary Building).  Click here to view a wayfinding map of Middlemore Hospital.

Pre-Admit Clinic is located in Module 8 at Manukau SuperClinic.
Angiogram/ Plasty Pre-Admit Clinic is located in Module 9 at Manukau SuperClinic.

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